10 Air Conditioner Mistakes You can’t Afford to Make

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If you think buying the best air conditioner should be your ultimate goal, you are mistaken. Indian summers are not something worth taking lightly. The heat is absolutely killing. So, you clearly don’t want a situation wherein your air conditioner is not cooling as much as it should.

Another problem is the skyrocket energy bills. No matter how affluent you are, you surely don’t want to splurge on your cooling bills. It pinches, isn’t it?

I have already spoken about the air conditioner problems and solutions. Today, I am going to emphasize the DON’TS. Here are a few mistakes you just cannot afford to make.

Common Air Conditioner Mistakes

1. DON’T buy the wrong size Air Conditioner

‘The bigger the better’ this rule definitely does not apply when it comes to installing an air conditioner. You also need to make sure the size ain’t smaller than required. The area of the room (square feet) and the height of the ceilings decide the size of the air conditioner. Buying the wrong size of the air conditioner means inviting uneven cooling. The unit will also be incapable of dehumidifying the room. This will in turn make the room warmer.

2. DON’T buy an unreliable Brand

There are too many options available in the Indian market today. It’s human psychology to get attracted to a cheap product. Buying something on a low budget is definitely pleasurable. However, it can be a burden in the long run. Investing in a good and reliable air conditioner brand is important. It will stay longer with you and surely be efficient with its cooling.

3. DON’T set a too-low temperature

I can vouch for this and say that most of you all do this. To be honest, I am one of you. I used to always set my AC temperature anywhere between 16-18 degrees thinking my room would cool super-fast. Until one day I realized that it did cool the same way even at 20 degrees. In fact, the lower the temperature the higher the energy bills. I would recommend you to keep the temperature constant at 22 degrees and enjoy the cooling with low energy bills.

4. DON’T forget to clean the dirty filters

I am sure you know that air conditioners are equipped with filters that pull out all the dust and debris from the environment to ensure clean and healthy air. All the particles then build up in the indoor unit. Hence, you must clean these filters once a month. If you continue to use the same old unclean filters, the efficiency of your ac unit will drop and consumption of energy will hike up. If cleaning does not help, replace it.

5. DON’T place any heating appliance near the Thermostat

Placing any heating appliance near the Thermostat is a big NO. If you do so then the thermostat will feel all the heat and take that as your room temperature. Your air conditioner will then work harder and longer to lower down the artificial temperature. This will consume a lot more energy than it should.

6. DON’T turn off your fan immediately

You can turn off your fan gradually but not immediately. As per my research, the fan fuels up the flow of cool air. How? It pushes all the cool air downwards giving you the frosty effect.

7. DON’T ignore the star rating

As we all know, air conditioners are rated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The star rating varies from 1-5. A one- or two-star air conditioner is way cheaper than a 4- or 5-star air conditioner. But it is important to think from a long point of view. Buying a 2-star ac means really high energy bills. However, a 5-star ac is the most energy-efficient. So, I would recommend you don’t ignore the star rating of the appliance.

8. DON’T unwind the curtains

This rule is only for the daytime. I wouldn’t advise you to unwind the curtains when you switch on your air conditioner. The curtains will block up the sun rays and your room will cool faster.

9. DON’T keep the doors and windows open

I know this sounds a little obvious but I have noticed people being a bit carefree about it. Leaving the door or window open even at a marginal proportion will only impact the cooling efficiency of the appliance. In short, it will take more time to cool your room.

10. DON’T ignore annual check-ups

Last but the most important one. Do not ignore the annual maintenance of the air conditioner. You cannot do what an expert can. Sign up for a 6 month or annual contract with the company.

This will help in increasing the efficiency and durability of your air conditioner. In the long run it will even minimize your electricity damages. Be safe, then sorry. Don’t be laidback.

Well, the list of DON’TS goes way more but I have spoken about the most common ones which most of us experience. I am not going to let out a few secrets from my personal experience. How to cool the room faster? Let’s find out!

Ways to cool the room fast: Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid using heating appliances.
  • Drape thick curtains.
  • Keep the lights off.
  • Set up the right temperature.
  • Open the windows for some time at least at night.
  • Have insulated walls.
  • Keep a regular check on the filters.
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the AC vents.
  • Keep the fan on.
  • Check the compressor and refrigerant.
  • Wash the condenser coil.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An air conditioning unit can overheat but it cannot explode.

If your air conditioner stops blowing out cold air or emits out some screechy noises then you can be sure of an issue with the compressor.

Low refrigerant gas, blocked suction lines or unclean condenser coil can cause your air conditioner to stop functioning.


Time to say Goodbye

I know how important an air conditioner is in this season to each one of us. So, why not just use it in the most efficient way?

Are you wondering how I guessed the ways you are goofing up? Well, let me tell you that we all sail in the same boat. These are a few air conditioner mistakes we all are making. There’s nothing to worry about, you know it all now. Summers are going to last you long now, so ensure the cooling also does!


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