Best Refrigerators under 20000 in India – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews Protection Status
What’s the one appliance your kitchen cannot function without? A refrigerator for obvious reasons. This is one such shopping in which the whole family gets engaged.

I still remember when I went for refrigerator hunting with my family, we came back without making any decision. Trust me, it was a daunting task. With the plethora of options available, it was almost impossible to make a choice. So, the deal is, don’t just run into any platform without doing your homework. First decide on your budget.

If you are looking for the best refrigerator under 20000 make sure you are also aware of all the modern features. So how do you go about that? Well, leave that to us. We are taking the responsibility to upskill you on that front.

So, let’s get to work now and find the best refrigerator under 20000 for your home.

What to consider before buying a Refrigerator under 20,000?

How do you decide the best refrigerator to buy in India? You cannot just decide this at one go. There are various factors which you need to consider before making a choice. Here they are.

  • Type: Double or Single door?
  • Style and Design
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Capacity
  • Additional features
  • Budget
  • Warranty
  • After sales services
  • Noise factor
  • Environmental friendly
  • Configurations

Top 10 Best Refrigerators under 20000 : Reviews

S.NORefrigerators Capacity
Buy Now
1.Samsung Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator253 Check on Amazon
2.Whirlpool Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator265 Check on Amazon
3.Haier Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator256 Check on Amazon
4.Whirlpool Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator245 Check on Amazon
5.Samsung Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator255 Check on Amazon
6.LG Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator235 Check on Amazon
7.Godrej Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator236 Check on Amazon
8.Haier Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator256 Check on Amazon
9.LG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator235 Check on Amazon
10.Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator195 Check on Amazon

1. Samsung 253L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – Best Overall

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 253 litres
  • Energy rating: 2 star
  • Dual inverter technology
  • In built stabilizer
  • Spill proof toughened glass
  • LED lights
  • Equipped with a deodorizer filter
  • Warranty: 1 year
Our take on this Samsung Double Door Refrigerator:

Bring home this Samsung refrigerator for maximum convenience and peace of mind. This double door refrigerator is everything you need.

Samsung is equipped with an in-built deodorizer filter to eradicate the pungent smells and maintain the original aroma and flavor of food. The highpoint of this refrigerator is the cool pack. In case of power failure, the cool pack in the freezer ensures the temperature remains less than zero degrees for at least 12 hours. So yes, be sure about your food not getting spoilt.

In case of power failure, the smart connect inverter comes to the rescue. It makes sure your food remains fresh. The ‘all around cooling’ mechanism ensures there is cool flow of air throughout the fridge. This is down by blowing out cool air from multiple vents.

The big bottle guard makes sure you can comfortably store big containers of juices, milk and other beverages. Lastly, the digital inverter technology ensures silent operations and maximum efficiency. So if you are comfortable with the two star rating, this one from Samsung is a great option for a double door refrigerator under 20000.

The good
  • Auto defrost
  • Smart connect inverter
  • Easy slide shelf
  • 10 years warranty on the compressor
  • Cool pack and cool wall
  • Moist fresh zone
The bad side
  • Less energy efficient
  • No LED light in the freezer

2. Whirlpool 265L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – Best for large Family

Key Features:

  • 265 litres of capacity
  • 6th sense deepfreeze technology
  • Microblock mechanism
  • Active deo filter
  • Ice twister
  • 2 star rating
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Door lock
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
Our take on this Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator:

Whirlpool refrigerators have been the oldest and most sustainable in the Indian market. This double door refrigerator under 20000 is a performer.

Whirlpool features a 6th sense deep freeze technology which is not available in other brands. With this feature there is complete circulation of airflow. We are also impressing with the ‘chilling gel’ technology. How does this work? This technology stores in cool air and releases it in case of power failure. Sounds interesting right?

Whirlpool features a honeycomb moisture lock in mechanism which will play a big role in keeping your food fresh. This refrigerator also has a microblock mechanism which will ensure there is no growth of bacteria. So in the long this is great for all the fruits and vegetables.

The ice twister will help you conveniently collect ice cubes by just twisting it once. The active deo filter ensures to keep the environment in the fridge fresh and odor free.

The fresh flow airtower with flexible vents ensures the bottles to cool 40 percent faster. The freshonizer lowers the oxidation and keeps all the veggies and fruits intact. So you can experience upto12 days of garden freshness.

This Whirlpool refrigerator has all the features you and your family could ask for.

The good side
  • Moisture control technology
  • Flexi vents
  • 6th sense deepfreeze technology
  • 10 years warranty on the compressor
  • Frost free
  • Fast cooling
  • Chilling gel
The bad side
  • Poor after sales services
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3. Haier 256L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • 256 litres of capacity
  • PUF insulation
  • R600a refrigerant gas
  • Semi electronic control
  • 3 star energy rating
  • Twist ice maker
  • 2x big veggie section
  • Warranty: 1 year on the product
Our take on this Haier Double Door Refrigerator:

If you are looking for a double door refrigerator under 20000, this one from Haier is a good option for your home.

The highpoint of this Haier refrigerator? It features an 8-in-1 convertible mode so you can store all the food without worrying about the refrigeration requirements. We are totally impressed with the design of Haier. It is super stylish and available in attractive colors. The toughened glass shelves are not just spill proof but also sturdy enough to take heavy load.

Haier promises to deliver efficient cooling. The twin inverter technology lets the fan and the compressor adjust its speed depending upon the load. This will save some power. R600a refrigerant gas requires less power and has low global warming potential.

In short, it’s great for the environment and low energy bills. The PUF insulation is very thick compared to the other refrigerators. This mechanism boosts cooling by retaining low temperatures.

Along with the above features, the 2x big vegetable box, toughened glass shelves and environmental friendly refrigerant gas makes this Haier double door refrigerator a complete package.Have no doubts about investing in this one.

The good side
  • 10 year warranty on the compressor
  • Spill proof shelves
  • 8 inbuilt cooling modes
  • Aesthetic design
  • Energy efficient
The bad side
  • No LED light in the freezer
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4. Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • 245 litres of capacity
  • Complete control of moisture
  • Microblock feature
  • Active deo filter
  • 2 star energy rating
  • Door lock feature
  • Anti bacterial filter
  • Warranty: 1 year
Our take on this Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator:

‘Every day, care’ is what Whirpool believes in. It is one of the most reliable brands. Let’s tell you why we think this is the best double door refrigerator under 20000.

Whirlpool emphasizes on ‘12 days of garden freshness’ with the  freshflow air tower and flexible vents. The zeolite technology helps in preventing excess ripening of vegetables and fruits.

Like most Whirlpool refrigerators, even this one has the 6th sense deep freeze technology to ensure your freezer is extremely chilly. The chilling gel feature helps to retain the cool air in the freezer even in times of power failures. So the good news is your ice cream is going to remain totally fresh.

The microblock technology will prevent complete growth of bacteria and other harmful substances.

This will make sure all the food in your refrigeration sustains for long.

The active deo filter will keep the environment in the fridge absolutely odor free and healthy. The fresh ionizer will diminish the oxidation completely to give you completely fresh fruits and vegetables.

The easy slide tray, anti bacterial filters and stabilizer free operations will surely leave you impressed.

The good side
  • Frost free
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • 10 year warranty on the compressor
  • Ice twister
  • Durable and strong in built
The bad side
  • Consumes more electricity

5. Samsung 255 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door – Best Budget Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • 255 litres of capacity
  • Ideal for 3-4 members
  • Dual inverter compressor
  • 3 star energy rating
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Runs on solar energy
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Warranty: 1 year
Our take on this Samsung Single Door Refrigerator:

Samsung refrigerators are known to be sleek, innovative and qualitative. Safety first, is what the brand believes in.

It features an anti bacterial gasket which prevents the buildup of bacteria and fungus. This ensures your food remains hygienic. To keep the internal components intact, the refrigerator has a safe clean back. This looks tidy and is capable of elongating the refrigerator life by staying protected from accidental bumps and knocks.

Speaking about the design, we are totally impressed with it. The bar chrome handle is stylish, chic and modern looking. It also adds the extra factor of convenience. You can open the door smoothly.

The refrigerator also has a distinctive door design which increases the look appeal of the fridge. The sleek and elegant looking refrigerator will uplift your modern kitchen.

This Samsung model is known to be the latest refrigerator in India. It has all the top notch features.

The capability to run on solar energy and home inverter, stabilizer free operations, dual inverter technology and toughened glass shelves. The refrigerator will also give you the convenience to store extra bottles, beverages or even food items. This space has special dividers for plastic bags and bottles. So yes, we are totally galvanized by this Samsung refrigerator. It is a great buy for sure.

The good side
  • 10 years warranty on compressor
  • Bar chrome handle
  • Grand door design
  • Can run on home inverter
  • Anti bacterial gasket
  • Extra space in the door
The bad side
  • Manual defrosting
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6. LG 235L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – Best Energy Efficient

Key Features:

  • 235 litres of capacity
  • Equipped with an egg and ice tray
  • Moist n fresh feature
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Humidity controller
  • Runs on solar energy
  • 4-star energy rating
  • Smart inverter compressor
  • Base stand with drawer
  • Warranty: 1 year
Our take on this LG Single Door Refrigerator:

In the ‘single door’ category this is one of the best refrigerators in India under 20000. Let’s tell you why.

The appliance has a feature which is exclusive only to LG refrigerators- fastest ice making technology. In only 108 minutes, the fridge is capable of making ice. It is equipped with a special lattice box cover. This helps in maintaining moisture at a prime level.

The anti-bacterial gasket ensures the food remains healthy and hygienic for the maximum period. The glass shelves are sturdy enough to hold the weight of 175 kgs easily. The refrigerator has an extra draw at the base to store onions and potatoes.

You can easily connect the smart inverter compressor to the home inverter. This will come into use in times of power failure. So your food will remain fresh for long. This appliance is also called the solar smart refrigerator since it can work efficiently even on solar energy.

The 4 star rating, humidity controller, anti rat bite and stabilizer free operations makes this LG refrigerator a complete package.

In our view, this is also one of the best LG refrigerators in India.

The good side
  • 10 year warranty on the compressor
  • Anti bacterial gasket
  • Spill proof glass shelves
  • Anti rat bite
  • Fastest ice making
The bad side
  • Not frost free
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7. Godrej 236L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • 236 litres of capacity
  • Large sized vegetable tray
  • 2 star energy rating
  • Inverter technology
  • 2.25L of aqua space
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Warranty: 1 year
Our take on this Godrej Double Door Refrigerator:

Godrej has been making the most thoughtful refrigerators in India since the last 62 years. This double door refrigerator under 20000 has all the advanced features.

When it comes to maintaining hygiene, this refrigerator is at the top. It is equipped with a gasket which has antimicrobial resistance and silver ions in the air duct to ensure your food remains completely germ free.

To deliver maximum convenience to the user, Godrej features a large vegetable and freezer space.

Most families are always complaining about less space to store vegetables, isn’t it? The vegetable tray in this Godrej refrigerator is large enough to ensure you can store in large quantities.

The freezer area is also very spacious. You can easily stock up five big bottles (1 litre each) at one go. So you will always have access to chilled water. The shelves of this refrigerator are also pretty wide. The aqua space is large enough to store jumbo sized bottles.

The smart inverter compressor promises uniform cooling and automatic defrosting ensures a hassle free experience.

The good side
  • Anti bacterial gasket
  • 10 years warranty on the compressor
  • Frost free
  • Widest shelves
  • Large freezer space
  • Silent operations
The bad side
  • Less energy efficient

8. Haier 256L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • 256 litres of capacity
  • PUF insulation
  • 8 in built cooling modes
  • Twist ice maker
  • Sturdy glass shelves
  • Twin inverter mechanism
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
Our take on this Haier Refrigerator:

Style, savings and super quick cooling then this double door refrigerator under 20000 is a great option for your home.

To begin with, this Haier refrigerator has 8 in-built cooling modes. With this you can store food conveniently. The twin inverter mechanism makes sure the compressor and the fan operate at variable speed. This functions as per the load in the refrigerator. This technology makes the refrigerator energy and cost efficient.

The PUF insulation is quite thick and it is efficient enough to retain low temperature in the fridge.

The cooling system is super quick and impressive. This refrigerator can do the magic within minutes, whether it is cooling food or making ice.

This Haier fridge has a pleasing design and is available in eye catchy colors. The design can totally uplift the look of your kitchen. The 2x vegetable box will give you the provision to store more vegetables at once. The spacious box also has a multi air flow to ensure your veggies remain fresh.

The antifungal gasket auto defrost option, twist ice maker and spill proof glass shelves will make sure you have the most pleasing experience.

The good side
  • Energy saving mode
  • Large vegetable box
  • 10 years warranty on compressor
  • Frost free
  • Anti-fungal gasket
The bad side
  • Freezer has no LED light

9. LG 235L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • 235 litres of capacity
  • Ideal for 3-4 members
  • Base stand with a drawer
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Anti-rat bite
  • Moist n fresh
  • Vegetable basket capacity: 21 litres
  • Warranty: 1 year
Our take on this LG Single Door Refrigerator:

This single door fridge is one of the best LG refrigerators in India. Reasons?

The fridge features an anti-rat bite to ensure your fridge is completely protected from pests like rats. The anti-bacterial gasket will prevent bacterial build up. With these safety features you can be sure of having healthy and hygienic food.

This LG fridge has an in-built stabilizer which is blissful in case of voltage fluctuations. The fridge can easily operate at a voltage range of 135-290V. So you need no external stabilizer.

Like all other LG refrigerators, even this one is equipped with the fastest ice making technology. It is capable of making ice in only 108 minutes. This technology is exclusive only to LG refrigerators. LG is equipped with a special lattice box cover. This helps in maintaining moisture at a prime level.

This refrigerator is less efficient compared to a 5 star one but is capable of keeping your energy bills low. Like most refrigerators, even this LG fridge is equipped with a large draw at the base for extra storage.

The humidity controller is very useful in keeping all your food, vegetables and fruits intact. Besides, this refrigerator is also equipped with an egg and ice tray. We promise you will be content with this refrigerator.

The good side
  • 5 years on compressor
  • Fastest ice cool technology
  • Moist n fresh
  • Anti bacterial gasket
  • Humidity controller
The bad side
  • Not frost free

10. Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • 195 litres of capacity
  • R600a refrigerant gas
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • 4 starenergy rating
  • Large vegetable box
  • Anti fungal gasket
  • Warranty: 1 year
Our take on this Haier Single Door Refrigerator:

Haier is known to make high quality products at a reasonable price. This refrigerator model is no exception to this. This Haier refrigerator has a plethora of features. Let’s get on to them.

What makes this Haier refrigerator stand out from the others? The 60 minutes icing technology. You can have access to super quick icing along with instant cooling. The vegetable box which is large and spacious. So, you can stock up the entire week’s vegetables at once.

The door lock technology ensures a level of safety for your refrigerator. Like most refrigerators, even this Haier model features an anti-fungal gasket and toughened glass shelves. Haier also features a reciprocatory compressor which makes sure there is optimum cooling inside.

The humidity controller ensures your veggies remain fresh for a long period. The PUF insulation maintains low temperatures in the refrigerator. The defrost option will let you defrost all the ice in the freezer with just one button.

So if you are a small sized family this single door refrigerator is a good option for you.

Pros & Cons

The good side
  • Scratch resistant
  • Rust free
  • 10 years warranty on compressor
  • Easy to clean glass shelves
  • Defrost button
  • 60 mins icing technology
The bad side
  • Capacity is less
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Buying Guide for the Best Refrigerator under 20,000 (2021)

Choosing the best refrigerator in India under 20000 is a process and we are going to help you through this. Here are a few factors you should keep in mind before selecting a refrigerator for your home.

Door Style

Are you looking for a single door or double door refrigerator? We are to guide you through both of them.

Single Door

As the name says it, these refrigerators have just a single door. The freezer is a part of the fridge. Let’s look at the plus and minus points of this refrigerator.

  • Single door refrigerators are economically priced.
  • They are energy efficient.
  • They are sleek and compact.
  • They are low on capacity.
  • Freezer is not very spacious.
  • You need to open the fridge for the freezer.
  • Cannot accommodate bulky vessels.
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Double Door

As the name suggests, these refrigerators have two doors and compartments. The freezer compartment is independent of the main unit. These refrigerators have a separate heating element which prevents the formation of frost. Let’s look at the plus and minus points of this refrigerator.

  • Double door refrigerators are capable of accommodating bulky vessels.
  • You don’t have to open the fridge for the freezer.
  • These refrigerators come with large capacity.
  • They have all the advanced features.
  • Freezer section is large.
  • Pricing is on the higher side
  • These refrigerators require more space
  • They consume more power


Refrigerator size should be your first criteria. The size decides the capacity of the fridge. This is measured in litres. If you are a bachelor, you can opt for a mini fridge. You need to decide the size of the refrigerator depending upon the number of people at your home. Let’s look at the below table for a better understanding.

Number of MembersSize (capacity) of the Fridge
1 person50-80 litres
3 people150-250 litres
5 people250-330 litres
More than 6 people350-490 litres

Compressor or Inverter Technology

Refrigerators come with two types of compressors- inverter and non inverter technology. Latest refrigerators in India have an inverter compressor. Let’s have a look at the difference between an inverter and a non inverter compressor.

Key FactorsInverter CompressorNon inverter compressor
Energy consumptionLessMore
Temperature variationLessMore

Types of defrosting

There are two types of defrosting.-Direct cool and frost free defrosting.

Direct Cool

There is a distribution of cool air in every compartment of the refrigerator. Speaking about the direct cool refrigerators, the cool air passes through natural convection without any external help. However, this mechanism has a major disadvantage which is uneven distribution of cool air. This leads to ice formation in the freezer box. This ice has to be defrosted manually at regular intervals. These refrigerators have two advantages: They are economically priced and consume less power.

Frost free

Frost free refrigerators have no frost formation. The cold air circulates in the freezer with the help of electric fans. Due to this mechanism, there is no formation of ice. However, these refrigerators are more expensive compared to the direct cool refrigerators and also consume more energy.

Fridge Shelves and Drawers

Earlier refrigerators were equipped with wired racks. These racks were not capable enough to hold the weight of heavy vessels. These racks were also inconvenient to use and could cause food to spoil. Modern refrigerators are equipped with toughened glass shelves which are capable of withstanding 150-175 kgs easily.

Whereas drawers are concerned, most refrigerators now have a separate draw beneath the fridge. You can store dry items like onions and potatoes in them easily.

BEE Star Rating

Thebestselling refrigerators in India are always energy efficient. So how do you check the efficiency level? This totally depends upon the star rating of the refrigerator. High rated appliances consume less power. A 5-star refrigerator will consume less energy in comparison to a 2 star one. So they are considered to be more efficient.

Warranty & After Sales Services

Most refrigerators come with a 1 year warranty on the whole product and additional of 5-10 years of warranty on the compressor. Big brands like LG and Samsung also have the provision of giving the buyers additional warranty by charging a minimum basic fee for it.

How to clean a Refrigerator?

Your refrigerator is responsible to keep your food fresh and intact. So make sure you take time to clean it well. This is an easy process and you can do it within a span of a few minutes.

  • Firstly, you have to turn off your refrigerator. Make sure you unplug it too.
  • Secondly, empty the refrigerator. Remove all the food and other ingredients from inside.
  • Pull out all the removable shelves and drawers. Rinse these components with the dishwashing liquid.
  • Clean the interiors of the refrigerator with a damp cloth. You can make use of vinegar, cleaning spray and a sponge. If there are stubborn stains, clean the interiors with baking soda and water.
  • Clean the exterior of the refrigerator with soapy water or any other cleaning solution. Do not forget the door handles.
  • Remove the rubber gasket and clean it thoroughly with soapy water again.
  • Lastly, before putting everything back in place make sure there is no foul odor. To avoid this you may leave in some baking soda or coffee grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Refrigerator under 20,000

Whereas brand reliability is concerned, LG, Samsung and Whirlpool have been unbeatable.

This is a very easy process. All you have to do is read about the reviews and choose wisely.

Buying a refrigerator online is a great idea. You will have access to all the deals and additional benefits.

All the above refrigerators come with the same amount of warranty period and are also fairly long lasting.

Copper coil is more expensive compared to aluminium. However, copper is also a better heat exchanger. So in our view copper coil is a better option.


Time for Final Verdict

We are almost there. Have you found the best refrigerator for your home by now? If you are a little confused, blindly go by our recommendation. If you are going for a single door refrigerator, invest your money in the LG 235L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator. It is equipped with a humidity controller, smart inverter compressor, a storage drawer, anti bacterial gasket, fastest ice making technology, in built stabilizer, anti rat bite ad spill proof shelves.

If you are interested in a double door refrigerator, then we would recommend Haier 256L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. What are the positives? Environmental friendly refrigerant gas, semi electronic control, 2x big veggie basket, PUF insulation, glass shelves, twin inverter technology, 8 in built cooling modes and most importantly the attractive looking design. These were the best single and double door refrigerators under 20000 available in India.

What do you think about our suggestions?


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