Best 9 Water Purifiers under 8000: Buying Guide & Reviews Protection Status
‘Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water’ Could you agree more? That’s how important it is to drink water. But can we drink any kind of water? No. That’s when the role of a water purifier comes in.

The natural drinking water is no more reliable in India. You cannot have clean and pure water without getting it purified. Hence, installing a water purifier should be on the priority list for each one of us.

We are assuming that you all have a water purifier at home. But how efficient is it?

Is it capable enough to eradicate all the minor pollutants as well? Have you ever heard of terms like TDS, RO, UV, UF, Mineralizer etc. and got confused? Stay tuned on our blog and you are going to know it all.

Today, we are going to bring you the best water purifiers under Rs 8000. This commercial range will not just be easy on your pocket but also ensure 100% contaminated free water.

How do you recommend the Best Water Purifiers under Rs 8000?

You may feel how one water purifier is so different from the other. But to tell you the truth it is. Your drinking water can have a huge impact on your health and we don’t want you to play with your health at all. We are going to begin with telling you about the factors you should consider before selecting the best water purifier for your home.

Factors to consider before choosing the best water purifier under Rs 8000.

  • Electricity consumption
  • Body material
  • Advanced technologies
  • Certification
  • Design and size
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Cost of the purifier
  • Water capacity
  • Water wastage
  • Cost of filter replacement

Best 9 water Purifiers under 8000: Our Picks

S.No.Water PurifierPurification Technology Buy Now
1.Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier---- Check on Amazon
2.LivPure Glo 7L Water PurifierRO + UV Check on Amazon
3.HUL Pureit G2 Mineral Water PurifierRO + MF Check on Amazon
4.KENT Maxx Water PurifierUV + UF Check on Amazon
5.Faber Galaxy Water PurifierRO + UF + MAT Check on Amazon
6.AO Smith Water PurifierUV + UF Check on Amazon
7.Konvoi Neer Water PurifierRO + UV + UF + TDS Check on Amazon
8.V- Guard Zenora Water PurifierRO + UF + MB Check on Amazon
9.Havells Water PurifierUV + UF Check on Amazon

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aquaflo Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Water capacity: 120 litres
  • Wall mountable
  • 3 stage purification
  • Dual cartridge
  • UV chamber
  • Chemi block
  • Smart error indicator
  • Warranty: 1 year

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aquaflo Water Purifier: Our review

If you are in search of an economical solution to purify water then this one is ideal for you. Aquasure is very effective with its 3-stage purification process. In the first step all the dust and harmful particles get removed. The second stage focuses on eradicating all the foul smell, pesticides and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). In the final stage, the water gets exposed to the UV rays in the UV chamber and then deactivates all the bacteria and viruses.

It is an ideal water purifier for home also because it is sleek and compact and can be easily wall mounted. It also has a glass holding tray for user convenience. You do not have to hold the glass but can just place it on the tray. Stocking up water is also convenient with Eureka Forbes since it can give you about 2 litres of water within a minute.

Incase of any malfunction or failure, the smart indicator will notify you about it. So you can be confident of drinking safe water. We also like that the purifier has an in-built voltage stabilizer. This gives a flawless functioning even in case of any fluctuations.

The purifier comes with a dual cartridge- pre filter and a UV chamber which ensures no existence of the suspended particles in order to give you 100% safe water. Lastly, we can conclude by saying this purifier is a total energy saver. The UV bulb shuts in case the purifier is not operational for 10 minutes. So yes, indeed it is one of the best water purifiers under 8000.

The advantages
  • Energy saver
  • Sleek and compact
  • Reasonably priced
  • Hi water flow rate
  • In-built voltage stabilizer
The disadvantages
  • No storage tank
  • Basic design

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2. LivPure Glo RO + UV + Mineralizer 7L Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Water capacity: 7 litres
  • Material: Food grade plastic
  • 6 stage purification
  • Sediment filter
  • LED indicator
  • TDS level upto 2000ppm
  • Warranty: 1 year

LivPure Glo RO + UV + Mineralizer 7L Water Purifier: Our review

LivPure is topping in our list of best water purifiers under 8000. Let me tell you why. In order to give you absolutely clean water, the purifier comes with a 6 stage purification system- mineralizer, UV disinfectant, pre-activated carbon filter, post carbon filter, sediment filter and RO membrane. This process takes care of all the heavy impurities in the water.

The RO membrane eradicates all the hardness from the water. The mineralizer enhances the taste of the water, balances the pH level and retains the essential minerals. This advanced purification process makes sure you get water which is completely bacteria free.

The UV disinfectant will keep you away from all the waterborne diseases. The post carbon filter enhances the water quality by eliminating all the VOCs from it.

Incase of loss of power, worry not. LivPure has a large 7 litre storage capacity which makes sure that you have access to safe and pure water at any given point.

Along with all the power packed features what we also like is the sleek design of the water purifier. You can fit in even in a small area. Also the LED indicators on the tank will let you know once it is full.

This best water purifier is suitable for borewell and tap water which has TDS level upto 2000 ppm. The only thing we don’t like is the high water wastage. For every one litre of water, 650 ml of water is thrown out. Overall, it is a good catch.

The advantages
  • Large water storage capacity
  • Sleek design
  • Appropriate for borewell and tap water
  • Capable of retaining essential minerals
  • Mineral cartridge + post carbon filter
The disadvantages
  • No indication for filter change
  • Large water wastage

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3. HUL Pureit G2 Mineral RO + MF 6L Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Water capacity: 6 litres
  • 6 stage purification
  • Material: Food grade plastic
  • TDS upto 2000 ppm
  • Water level indicator
  • Long life filter of 6000 litres
  • Mineral cartridge
  • Warranty: 1 year

HUL Pureit G2 Mineral RO + MF 6L Water Purifier: Our review

Let’s begin by telling you about the 6 stage purification process. It includes the pre carbon filter and the post carbon filter, RO membrane, pre sediment filter, micro-filtration membrane and a mini filter.

This entire process works on removing all the dissolved impurities and biologicalical substances like viruses and bacteria. It is surely one of the best RO water purifiers under 8000, as the RO membrane ensures no mixing of water and promises 100% purified water.

What we totally love about this purifier is the water saving technology. You can be sure of saving water upto 35% with the help of this technology. To save water, the system shuts off automatically in the regular interval of 15 minutes. The purifier has a large storage capacity of 6 litres and a lifelong filter of 6000 litres.

What makes Pureit stand out from the others? The superior RO technology. It not only increases the filter life but also reduces the maintenance cost of the purifier. The voltage protection element prevents the purifier from getting damaged in case of any fluctuation. Let’s not forget the advanced alert system which is an added advantage. It will alert you 15 days in advance before the filter stops functioning. It will also alert you in case the germkill kit is getting over.

The power saving mode of the purifier ensures we keep the UV lamp off after every ten mins of usage. This works well to save energy. The smart water level indicator will let you know what the water level is in the storage tank.

You can derive maximum upto 3 litres of pure water per minute. Like most best water purifiers under 8000, Pureit also comes with a mineral cartridge to ensure the retainment of essential minerals in the water.

The advantages
  • High intensity UV lamp
  • Sleek and compact
  • Energy saver
  • Good flow of water
  • Smart power mode
  • Water saving technology
  • 100% purified water
The disadvantages
  • Filtration process can take long
  • No display system
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4. KENT Maxx 7 litres Water Purifier

Key Specifications:

  • Water capacity: 7 litres
  • Material: ABS food grade plastic
  • LED indicators
  • Auto on and auto off
  • Wall mountable or table top
  • Filter change alarm
  • UV + UF purification
  • Warranty: 1 year

KENT Maxx 7 litres Water Purifier: Our review

Let’s begin by telling you what makes KENT Maxx stand out from the others- the unique design, the material quality,the performance and the daily user experience.

Kent has an eye pleasing and aesthetic design. It is also transparent and light in weight. This means you can see through the water you are going to be drinking. Isn’t that great?  The water purifier is made of high quality plastic which means it is durable enough to last long.

Kent has made it to our list for the best water purifiers for home for its outstanding performance. To ensure you safe drinking water Kent functions on a 2 stage purification process. It begins with UV filtration and then gets followed by UF membrane in order to efficiently eradicate all the viruses, bacteria and cysts. The purifier has a high power 11W UV lamp to inactive the microorganisms in the water.

We totally love the chip integration in the purifier.  This means you will be notified well in advance in case UV-fail or any filter change. The alarm will indicate to you about any kind of replacement.

Lastly, KENT also has a high storage capacity which means it will give you pure water even in case there is a loss of electricity. So yes, the purifier is a great deal.

  • WAQ certified
  • Built-in switching mode power supply
  • Leak proof
  • Transparent storage tank
  • Compact in size
  • UV fail alarm
  • Over voltage protection
The disadvantages
  • Not appropriate for high TDS water
  • You may need a motor for low pressure water
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5. Faber Galaxy RO + UF + MAT 9L Water Purifier

Key Highlights

  • Water capacity: 9 litres
  • Material: ABS food grade plastic
  • Wall mountable
  • Germ block technology
  • TDS level upto 2500 ppm
  • Copper guard technology
  • 7 stage purification
  • Warranty: 1 year

Faber Galaxy RO + UF + MAT 9L Water Purifier: Our review

The highlights of this purifier is the 7 stage purification process. Faber ensures safe water with the help of the sediment filter, pre carbon filter, post carbon filter, sediment filter, UF and the UV membrane. In our view, Faber is one of the best ro + uv water purifiers under 8000.

It ensures that the water you consume is completely  safe and sweet. It comes along with a free external sediment filter which means you can save on that extra bucks. The RO membrane removes all the harness from the water. It can work on water with TDS level upto 2500 ppm which is amazing. This means it works well with all sources of water such as borewell, municipal etc.

Faber is equipped with a copper guard technology which acts as a fouling agent. This ensures your drinking water is tasty and hygienic.

MATMineral Addition Technology makes sure to add back all the essential minerals in the water like calcium, copper and magnesium. As the name suggests ‘the germ block technology’ it promises to keep you away from all the possible germs.

Faber has indicators to let you know when the tank is full and if the purification is on or off. This indication is right in the middle of the tank so you will surely not miss it. It has a large storage capacity of 9 litres so you can be sure of never running out of healthy water.

Not to forget, the glossy of the water purifier. It will surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Keeping all the aspects in mind, Faber is clearly the best water purifier under 8000. Isn’t it?

The advantages
  • Smart energy saver
  • Compact design
  • Large water storage tank
  • Mineral added technology
  • Additional external sediment filter
The disadvantages
  • Poor service quality
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6. AO Smith UV + UF 5 Litre Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Water capacity: 5 litres
  • 5 stage purification
  • SSM technology
  • Digital display
  • Material: Food grade plastic
  • TDS upto 200 ppm
  • Warranty: 1 year

AO Smith UV + UF 5 Litre Water Purifier: Our review

The 5 stage purification process ensures that every drop of water you consume is absolutely safe and pure. It includes the pre carbon filter, post carbon filter, mineral cartridge, sediment filter, RO and UV membrane. This entire process will keep you away from all the water borne diseases.

Talking about the design, the water purifier is crafted beautifully to compliment the decor of your modern kitchen. It has a dual color combination. The high UV and UF technology will make sure you get double protection from all the contaminants. This water purifier for home will quench your thirst at any given point with its 5 litre storage capacity.

Things we completely love about AO Smith?

The intelligent digital display, UV life alert indicator and the advanced alert technology.

What gets this one to our list of best water purifiers under 8000?

The SSM technology which ensures less water wastage. Let’s not forget AO Smith is an absolutely reputed brand. So you can blindly trust this purifier for your safety.

The advantages
  • 100% RO purified water
  • Gooseneck faucet
  • Double protection
  • Sleek design
  • Less water wastage
The disadvantages
  • Pricing on the higher side
  • Suitable for low TDS levels

7. Konvoi Neer RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Water capacity: 8 litres
  • TDS level upto 3000 ppm
  • Philips ultraviolet lamp
  • Free pre filter
  • Purification capacity per hour: 20 litres
  • 6 stage purification process
  • Warranty: 1 year

Konvoi Neer RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier: Our review

Konvoi Neer is one of our favorites in this list of the best water purifiers under 8000 and there are enormous reasons for it. Let’s begin with the 6 stage purification process.

Pre filter + sediment filter + activated carbon filter + LG reverse osmosis + post carbon filter + japanese ultraviolet, and there you are with the purest water possible.

The japanese UV technology will give you the highest quality of water. The LG reverse osmosis will turn all the hard and toxic water to clean and healthy water.

Let’s bring something to your notice. When the water is stored in the tank for a long period, some germs could breed into it. Ever thought of this? In this case, the Philips ultraviolet lamp causes immediate water purification.

Konvoi will make you happy with all the additional accessories it brings along- Diverter valve, pipe, pre filter and a spun. The purifier comes with a smart app so you can access digital service records. You can also record the lifetime of all consumable parts with the digital dashboard. An automatic service ticket will promise you the best water quality.

So with all these positives, can you ask for anything more?

The advantages
  • RO + UV + TDS controller
  • Konvoi Neer smart app
  • Digital purifier
  • Bio + Alkaline cartridge
  • Additional diverter valve and a spun
The disadvantages
  • Installation charges are extra
  • Warranty has a lot of conditions

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8. V- Guard Zenora RO + UF + MB 7 Litre Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Water capacity: 7 litres
  • 7 stage purification
  • LED indicators
  • TDS level upto 2000 ppm
  • Wall mountable and Table top
  • Warranty: 1 year

V- Guard Zenora RO + UF + MB 7 Litre Water Purifier: Our review

This water purifier from V- Guard is quite good looking and has all the essential features. It is suitable for water from all the sources- borewell, municipal taps and tanket. The 7 stage purification process ensures to remove all the hardness, toxic element and bad odour from the water to give you cleanest and healthiest water.

The UF and MB membrane eradicates all the chemical impurities and microbes from the water. The hollow fibre UF membrane eliminates all the microbes, giving you crystal clear water.

The RO membrane is capable of even removing the dissolved chemicals from the water. This makes it the best ro water purifier under 8000.

Zenora is capable of working efficiently on water with a high TDS level upto 2000 ppm. The purifier is equipped with a large dust capacity filter which reduces turbidity and is capable of holding impurities for a long period. The large storage tank can be wall mounted or placed on a surface as per your convenience.

Lastly, you do not have to stress about the maintenance of the purifier. It provides 2 preemptive maintenance services, has no extra charges for the visit and provides one re installation. So considering all the aspects, isn’t Zenora a good keep?

The advantages
  • Suitable for borewell and municipal water
  • Long lasting filters
  • Hollow fibre UF membrane
  • Attractive design
  • Large dirt capacity
  • 2 preemptive maintenance services
The disadvantages
  • Limited availability

9. Havells UV + UF 8 Litres Water Purifier

Key Highlights:

  • Water capacity: 8 litres
  • 5 stage UV purification process
  • Germicidal UV-c protection
  • Futuristic design
  • Wall mountable or table top
  • Smart alerts
  • Transparent water tank
  • Warranty: 1 year

Havells UV + UF 8 Litres Water Purifier: Our review

Havells being the last one on our list of the best water purifiers under 8000, does not mean it is our least favorite. In fact it is on the top of our picks and has all the top notch features.

The purification process is pretty intense. The sediment cartridge eliminates all the sediments from the water like dust and clay. The activated carbon filter eradicates all the bad odour and taste from the water. The RO membrane turns the hard water to soft water and ensures to eliminate the dissolved contaminants as well.

In the germicidal UV stage, the water gets exposed to the UV rays, thereby inactivating all the harmful elements in the water. The mineral cartridge basically works on retaining all the essential minerals in the water. The silver impregnated taste enhancer works on enhancing the taste of the water.

The revitalizer cartridge functions on improving the mineral absorption and the hydration. Havells is also equipped with an i-protect purification which keeps a total check on the process and will alert you in case of an error. So, this was a high level purification process and you can be assured of drinking 100% safe water with Havells.

Besides that, the purifier comes with an electrical protection system which keeps the purifier safe in case of any voltage fluctuations. The zero splash faucet, transparent design, glass holding tray and the smart indicators are all added advantages which makes Havells the best water purifier under 8000.

The advantages
  • Double protection with UV and UF
  • Zero splash faucet
  • Sleek and compact
  • Ingress protection
  • iProtect purification
  • Glass holding tray
The disadvantages
  • Maintenance can be a bit expensive

How do you choose the Best Water Purifier under 8000? The Buying Guide

So that was our list for the best water purifiers under 8000. We all know that a water purifier is the most important equipment required at home. So you cannot go wrong with the selection of it. Now let’s tell you how to select one.

TDS level in Water

The TDS ( totally dissolved solids) depends upon the source of water. The first step is to identify this. If your water source is the municipality water the TDS level will be around 200 ppm. If your water source is the ground water then the TDS level would range between 200-500 ppm. Borewell water has the highest TDS level- more than 500 ppm. So you need to check that the purifier can function on how much TDS level before you get one.

Types of Water Purifier

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier

The RO water purifier takes care of all the harmful substances like lead, mercury, arsenic etc. By applying external pressure, the purifier pushes the molecules from high TDS level to low TDS level. Therefore, RO purifier is highly recommended for water with high TDS levels. However, it has two sets of drawbacks attached to it. Here are some of the pros and cons of it

  • It can treat water with high TDS level
  • It works well even on hard water
  • It has a good storage capacity
  • It can lead to a lot of water wastage
  • It cannot retain the essential minerals

Ultrafiltration Technology / Gravity based Water Purifier

The gravity-based water purifiers operate on the UF technology.  The purifier makes use of a semi permeable membrane so as to purify the water. This purifier can operate even without electricity because the membrane is equipped with large pores and the water can pass through without gravity force. These purifiers also do not hold too much water and therefore you can expect zero water wastage. The UF water purifier is however not capable of reducing the TDS level in the water.

Here are some of the pros and cons of it.

  • It does not require electricity
  • It is low on maintenance
  • Simple filtration process
  • It has limited usage
  • The filtration process takes long

Ultraviolet Water Purifier

The ultraviolet water purifier is capable of eradicating all the harmful bacteria and viruses. This process can function only on electricity. They come with a set of major drawbacks that is – not capable of destroying the body of viruses and bacteria and cannot eradicate sterilised microorganisms.  Here are some of the pros and cons of it

  • It does not waste water
  • Energy use is low
  • It does not use any chemical
  • Cannot eliminate heavy metals
  • Pricing is on the higher side.

Purification Capacity

The purification capacity of a water purifier is an important factor to consider. So what does this mean exactly? It is the maximum duty cycle of a purifier or the total amount of water which can be purified in a day. An ideal purification capacity should be 12 litres per hour which is 75 litres per day.

Storage Capacity

So this factor comes into account in places facing power cut issues. If you buy a water purifier with a good storage capacity, you will be sure of having access to clean and healthy water even if there is no electricity. Buy a water purifier with a minimum storage of 5 litres. If you have a big family (around 6-8 people), then you can get one with 8 or 10 litre storage capacity.


So above was our list of best water purifiers under 8000. A basic water purifier will cost you anywhere between 6000-20000. You do not have to buy the most expensive water purifier, but we would say where health is concerned do not compromise. Buy a water purifier which has UV, UF and RO purification.

Types of tanks

So water purifiers generally come with two types of storage tanks- Stainless steel and Plastic.

  • The ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic storage tanks are made using food grade which is durable. They can efficiently function even at high temperature fluctuations. It is non-toxic and recyclable. The chances of germs and bacteria appearing again are high in the plastic tank. However, these purifiers also come with a special UV lamp to kill them.
  • The stainless steel tanks are considered to be safer in terms of bacteria and germ formation. However, they are also priced on the higher side and not so durable.

Warranty & After sales services

Most water purifiers come with a minimum one year warranty period. A good purifier also provides an additional six month warranty on things like- sediment filter, carbon filter and post carbon filter.

Water Dispenser or Water Purifier? Which one is best to buy for Home and Office?

So if you want to be assured of 100% safe, clean and healthy water, Water Purifier is definitely a better option in comparison to a Water Dispenser. Let’s tell you why.

Water Purifier: What to Expect

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • You can be sure of a regular supply.
  • Purification is continuous so there is no chance of any pollutants re emerging in the water.
  • You do not need daily refills and the cost that comes along with it.
  • Requires maintenance
  • Consumes power

Water Dispenser: What to Expect

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • They are multi-functional, which means you can choose if you want normal, cold or hot water.
  • They also come with a cold storage box for storing butter, milk etc.
  • You need to always be ready with a refill bottle for access to clean water.
  • The water is packaged rather than being purified.
  • Since the refill bottles are of plastic you can expect the contaminants to be mixed with water.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) 

In our view, V- Guard Zenora RO + UF + MB 7 Litre Water Purifier should be the most ideal choice for MCD water.


 You have hit the nail right with your question. The natural water available to us is extremely harmful and we can have serious health issues by consuming it. So yes, in order to stay safe and healthy we cannot consume the water without purifying it.

We listed all the pros and cons of RO and UV purification. RO is clearly more effective than UV.

We are going to answer this question based on our experts. So as per BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) the upper limit of the TDS level should be 500 ppm. However, the lesser the safer.

Our blog is going to do the needful for you. Read on and choose one from our list of the best water purifiers under 8000.


Final Thoughts

So that was our detailed buying guide about the best water purifiers under 8000. We did all the research and the hard work for you, because we truly care about your safety. We are just going to take a minute more by telling you about which is our favorite purifier from our personal experience.

Konvoi Neer RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier is our first recommendation for you. Besides the advanced purification process you are going to be pleased with the convenience you are going to get with the Konvoi Neer smart app and intelligent digital display. The attractive looking purifier will not just be pleasing to the eye but will surely take up minimum space.

Our second recommendation for you is the Havells UV + UF 8 Litres Water Purifier. Along with the 5 stage purification process, the double UV and UF protection will make sure you have the healthiest and cleanest water possible. Ingress protection, iProtect purification, zero splash faucet and the transparent storage tank will surely give you the best experience you would want.

Give our favorite picks a thought and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Before signing off all we want to say is, health is wealth. So, make sure you are drinking absolutely healthy water.


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