7 Common Mixer Grinder Problems & Solutions

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Chutneys, masalas, pureeing, mincing meat, whipping liquids; what do you use your mixer grinder for? Or should I ask whether you use it for all of the above?

I bought myself the best mixer grinder because my day in the kitchen literally begins by using it. From making milkshakes during breakfast time to grinding masalas and prepping up purees for lunch and dinner, I use it for everything. Naturally, with high usage comes a list of problems as well. But you don’t have to get worked up. Because with every problem, there comes an easy solution.

I am going to speak about the most common mixer grinder problems. You all must have come across these issues at some point of time. Actually, to tell you the truth, these are a list of problems I have encountered. Don’t worry I am not going to leave you with the problems alone. Also mentioned are some smart ways in which I tackled them. Do you want to know? Stay tuned.

8 Usual Mixer Grinder Problems & Solution

Problem No.1: Are the blades moving too slow?

Cause: If the blades move too slow, it can be really irritating, isn’t it? Ever thought of why it is happening? Certain food particles may clog the blades. This can cause it to move slowly.
Solution: Ensure you finely chop the food ingredients. Don’t put bigger chunks inside. Disassemble the blades and soak them in soapy warm water for some time.
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Problem No.2: Is there some leakage in the jar?

Cause: This is one of the most common mixer grinder problems. Various factors can cause this issue. First is the most obvious one. A crack in the jar can definitely cause leakage. A faulty rubber gasket can also lead to some leakage. Lastly, a loose blade can add on to this problem as well.
Solution: Crack in the jar? The only option is to replace it. Faulty rubber gasket? You are lucky if you are still in the warranty. You will get this for free. Loose blades? Pick up a screwdriver and tighten it.

Problem No.3: Is the jar overheating?

Cause: If you run the mixer grinder continuously for a longer time, you may find it overheating. This can happen due to the rotation and friction of blades. The friction leads to the generation of heat. This is bound to happen.
Solution: In this situation, go ahead and unplug the mixer grinder. Once done, remove the jar and you will find a red switch beneath the appliance. Reset the mixer grinder by pressing the switch. Problem solved. Here’s a tip: Avoid using it for a long time at a stretch.

Problem No.4: Have the blades lost their sharpness?

Cause: The working of a mixer grinder is completely dependent on the efficiency of the blades. But with time, it is completely normal for the blades to lose their efficiency. This has got nothing to do with how you use it. It can totally happen because of using it daily.
Solution: The most evident solution is to get the blades changed. However, I tried this trick and it totally worked for me. Fill up your jar with some rock salt. Then turn it on. Make sure the lid is tightly shut. This can-do wonder.

Problem No.5: Did the circuit breaker switch off?

Cause: Has your mixer grinder suddenly stopped and you could not figure the reason for it? I will tell you. This can happen due to overloading. The circuit is smartly designed to suspect overloading to prevent the motor from getting burnt.
Solution: Do not overload the mixer grinder jar under any circumstances. Put in smaller quantities.

Problem No.6: Did the coupler break down?

Cause: The coupler plays a crucial role. Let me tell you why. It connects the jar with the unit. So, it is necessary for the coupler to function properly. It can break due to many reasons. One, if you try to grind any frozen food. Two, due to overloading. Three, poor quality. Four, putting in chunks of vegetables. Five, eventually if it gets old.
Solution: Putting in frozen food is a big NO. Do not overload. Mark the size of food items you put in. If it’s old and the quality has deteriorated, get it replaced. You must also go through the mixer grinder repair manual to get deeper.

Problem No.7: Does the jar get stuck to the unit?

Cause: If your mixer grinder jar is getting jammed, don’t worry it is totally solvable. A leakage problem is the major culprit behind this. In case of a leakage, the water will seep through the bearings and cause corrosion. This will in turn cause the mixer grinder to get jammed.
Solution: It’s very easy to fix this. First put the jar upside down. Oil the coupler. Let that stay for a while. After a while, move the coupler and wipe off the jar ends with a cloth.

Problem No.8: Can you sense a burning smell from the mixer grinder?

Cause: This is again one of the most common mixer grinder problems. If the motor gets worn out or becomes faulty it can surely generate some burning smell.
Solution: Get the motor repaired immediately. A faulty motor means an inefficient appliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mixer Grinder Problems & Solutions

Mixer grinders run at a very high speed, around 20000 RPM. In order to function at this speed, the motor tends to function vigorously. This causes it to produce some noise.

A mixer grinder will definitely produce some level of noise, no matter what you do. Just make sure that all the parts are functioning properly to prevent any intolerable sound.

Aluminium foil can do wonders to sharper the mixer blade.

According to me, Preethi Chef, Bosch and Philips are the best brands for mixer grinders.

Wrapping Up:

So, those were the most common mixer grinder problems and their solutions. You don’t have to thank me for it. I know the kind of effort it takes when you are cooking a full-fledged meal for your loved ones. Any kind of hindrance on the way can be really disturbing, isn’t it?

Well, if you are facing any other problem with your mixer grinder hit me up. I will be ready with a solution.


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