Top 15 Tips to Reduce Air Conditioning bill this Hot Summer Protection Status
On popular demand we are back to- All about air conditioners. We have discussed earlier how ac’s have become a necessity for every household. With the summer approaching we are either looking to change our old ac because it’s not cooling enough or planning to add one more ac to our house. Cause we cannot do without an AC in any room, right? Whether it is our tv room, gym area, living room or dinning room. Choose the best energy saving ac in India.

Today in our blog we are going to tell you how you can take small initiatives to save electricity with an air conditioner. We want you to experience luxury and comfort but at the same time not splurge your hard-earned money irresponsibly.

So, here we are with our ac energy saving tips.

1. Set the right temperature

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) had earlier made it compulsory for air conditioner manufacturers to keep the default temperature at 20 degrees. However, in the year 2020 they changed it to 24 degrees. This is an ideal temperature to save electricity. As per studies, every degree can save around six percent of power.

The compressor will work for long if you keep the temperature low. This will result in shooting up your electricity bill. If you keep your AC running at its default set temperature you will end up saving 24 percent of electricity.

How is this calculated? The difference of 4 degrees multiplied with 6 percent saved electricity. Do not worry, you still have the convenience to reduce the temperature as per your preference.

2. Recondition your Windows

If you have old windows at home, it’s time to change them. Old windows are not at all energy efficient. Installing new windows, which are energy efficient, will cool your home quickly. This involves an upfront cost but  will save your money in the long run.

3. Use ceiling fans

It is important to use the ceiling fan because they will circulate all the cool air in the house. This means that your air conditioner will have to work very hard to pump in cool air in the room.

This air circulation will let you set your thermostat four degrees higher. We all know that ceiling fans use less power but they will help your air conditioner do its job efficiently.

4. Avoid cooking indoor

Cooking can definitely generate a lot of heat. This heat can strain your air conditioner. Summer calls for outdoor cooking. Try to use appliances like electric griddles and crockpots as they generate less heat.

5. Keep away the Sunlight

Best way to keep your room cool is to keep away the sunlight. If the sunlight streams through your window, it will surely raise your room temperature. This will make your AC work harder to cool the room, which means the AC will consume more power. So block the sunlight by keeping the curtains and blinds closed.

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6. Get your walls insulated

Walls are as capable of leaking air as windows. A poorly insulated wall can lead to high energy consumption. So get your home insulated by a contractor. An auditor will get all the leakage in the house checked and this investment will totally be worth it.

7. Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is a must. Incase of any kind of dirt accumulation, your AC will have to work harder in order to cool your room. This means your air conditioner will consume more energy leading to high electricity bills.

Therefore, get all the filters cleaned or replaced for an optimum cooling. A clean filter will cut down your consumption of energy by 10-15%. It will also keep your air conditioner away from damages.

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8. Replace your old Air Conditioner

An old air conditioner will surely need more repairs as compared to a new one. If an AC is frequently repaired, the efficiency of the appliance will be affected big time. Which means huge electricity bills. Hence, replace your old AC and get a new one. When you decide to change your AC buy and Energy Star Rating room air conditioner. These models use at least 10% less energy compared to the ones without the energy star label.

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9. Switch off the heat emitters

So we are sure no one would have even thought of this. But all these electronics like- the television, printer and computer generate bucketloads of heat. This means your AC will have to work more to cool the room temperature.

Turning these appliances off will help you save your money on energy bills. Be sure of the lights being off in unused areas. Enjoy cooking barbeque in an outside area rather than indoors. Turn off those tablets and computers if not in use. These small steps make a huge difference.

10. Install a thermostat

Let’s tell you what a thermostat is. It is a device which will sense the temperature and make sure to maintain it. When it comes to working on your air conditioner electricity bills, every degree matters. So get a thermostat installed and set it a comfortable temperature which will ensure your AC does not have to work hard to cool the room. This should ideally be between 22 to 24 degrees. Get a thermostat with an in built timer so you can work on reducing your energy bills. This timer will set the hours of functioning efficiently.

11. Replace the HVAC filters

HVAC filters play an important role in removing all the air impurities. They prevent the air conditioners vents from getting blocked by dust, thereby having a good air circulation. In case the HVAC filter is dirty, the air conditioner will take longer to circulate the air.

12. Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are generally installed on the roofs. They make use of the sun’s energy to power up the home and this can work on lowering the cooling cost. You can either buy these panels or lease them out.

13. Keep the door shut

This is a no brainer but we still tend to get careless, isn’t it? Keep the doors shut, yes, but also make sure the windows are sealed tight to ensure the cool air does not leave the room.

14. Switch on then Switch off

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling very cold? This happens often and why? Because the air conditioned has been on all night and the room has got cooler than required. So be sure of turning your ac off. Well this is not only going to help you reduce your energy bill but also keep you comfortable throughout. Smart tip: Make use of the sleep mode.

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15. Do not position any appliance next to the Thermostat

Thermostats are sensitive to heat. If you have appliances like the computer, tablet or television, which are heat emitters, next to the thermostat then it will sense the heat from these appliances and keep your air conditioner running until the whole area gets cool.  So make sure you do not not place any such appliance next to the thermostat.

Are you ready to experience luxury, comfort, low energy bills all at once? Let’s welcome the Summer graciously.


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