Split AC vs Window AC: Which AC is best for Home

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Finding the best air conditioner in India is a tedious task. First you need to decide- Split AC or Window AC? Which one are you planning to buy? This debatable question is always going to be in everyone’s mind. Summers are approaching and we want to help you make this decision. Well both these types of air conditioners have their set of advantages; disadvantages and they also function very differently. Most people are not informed about the technicality part. So, in this blog we are going to tell you everything from the scratch so you know the difference between a split ac and a window ac.

Types of ACs

There are two types of ACs to choose from- Window AC and Split AC.

Window AC

Window ACs are wall mountable and are an ideal choice for a room with a window space. It is a single unit which comprises a motor, compressor, heat exchanger and a connecting pipe. One face of the system gets installed inside and the other part will be outside the window. Let’s tell you about the positives and negatives of a window air conditioner.

  • A window AC is reasonably priced.
  • It is extremely energy efficient.
  • The installation process is very easy.
  • A window AC is portable.
  • A window AC will not consume your floor space.
  • It is the appropriate choice for supplemental cooling.
  • It can be placed in any kind of room.
  • A window AC can be multifunctional.
  • A window AC cannot be installed anywhere.
  • Not energy efficient for large sized rooms.
  • Can be an eyesore for some.
  • In order to fit the AC unit, a window AC has to be properly sized.
  • Not so effective in humid and hot weather.
  • Not so powerful to push cool air to the other room.
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Split AC

A split air conditioner is mounted on the wall as well. It comprises an indoor and outdoor unit. Both these units are connected with a pipe. The outdoor unit comprises a compressor and a condenser.

  • The installation process is simple compared to a traditional air conditioner.
  • Energy efficiency is high.
  • Operations are not noisy.
  • They can blend well with your decor.
  • It is capable of cooling different areas in your home.
  • A split AC is versatile.
  • Price is the biggest disadvantage.
  • Installation process can be a little difficult.
  • Can be inappropriate for a multi-storey apartment.
  • The exterior compressor of the split ac can be a bit noisy.
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Split AC or Window AC? Which is the Best one for your Home?

That was a small introduction about the two, but we know you can’t decide on the basis of that. Here are a few factors you need to consider before you compare the two and decide which one should be an ideal choice for your home.

Consumption of Energy

The consumption of energy depends upon the star rating of the product. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has made it mandatory for all electronics to have a star rating which can range from 1 to 5 star. High energy rating means the appliance consumes less amount of energy. A 5 star ac will definitely consume less power as compared to a 3 star ac. Compared to a non inverter ac, an inverter ac is more energy efficient. A new air conditioner is always more energy efficient as compared to an old air conditioner. If we compare a window ac with a split ac on this criteria, we would say a split ac is more energy efficient.

Who’s the winner?
Split AC

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Space Factor

Space is a major constraint for most of us. A window ac has a single component. It requires a large opening for the installation. This can be a challenge. A split AC is a multiple unit appliance which will have an indoor as well as outdoor unit. The outdoor unit needs a dedicated place but it does not require a large opening. The wire and pipes can pass through the walls easily.

Whos’ the winner?
Split AC

Budget Friendly

Well each one of us have a budget and therefore price is an important deciding factor. It very clearly distinguished the two types of acs. Hands down a window ac is way cheaper than a split ac. This is the upfront cost.

Who’s the winner?
Window AC
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Maintenance Friendly

This one is a no brainer as well. Like we all know a window ac has one unit and a split ac has two units. Maintaining a window air conditioner is simpler and cheaper as compared to a split air conditioner. A split requires periodic maintenance. It’s more complicated and expensive.

Who’s the winner?
Window AC
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A window is constrained to a white color.It can also look boring and out of place. A split ac now has varied color options. It is more attractive looking and can surely uplift your room. We can even term it as ‘stylish’ therefore if aesthetics is your concern, don’t even think twice before buying a split ac.

Who’s the winner?
Split AC


Talking about the noise factor, a split has is capable of either little or no noise. The operation is so silent that you may not even realize the air conditioner is on. However, this is not the situation with a window ac. A window ac can be really noisy and this is because of the compressor.

Who’s the winner?
Split AC

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner depends upon its tonnage. Split acs are available with high tonnage as compared to a window ac. A split ac is mounted high on the wall and is thoughtfully designed for big size rooms. A window ac is designed for a small sized room. So it’s quite clear the cooling capacity of a split sc is more than a window ac.

Whos’ the winner?
Split AC


Split AC’s are designed with advanced features like- dry mode, sleep mode, self cleaning mode, dehumidifying mode, self diagnosis mode, air purifying mode, auto restart mode, powerful mode etc. A window Ac does not have these features.

Who’s the winner?
Split AC


A split AC is less noisy and has all the technologies to give you maximum possible comfort. A window ac may not meet your requirements, due to its limitations.

Who’s the winner?
Split AC

Capacity of the AC

Capacity of the AC is dependent on the tonnage of the AC. You will need a higher tonnage air conditioner for the following reasons.

  • If your room size is big you will require a high-capacity air conditioner.
  • Let’s get a little technical- A human body emits heat. If the room has more people, more heat is generated in the room. In this case, you need a high-capacity AC.
  • If you have more furniture in the room you will need a high-capacity ac.

In these situations, a 2-ton split ac will not fail to disappoint you.

Who’s the winner? Split AC.

Quick Difference between a Window AC and Split AC

So here is a quick comparison table which will help you make your decision within a minute.

Which AC is the best? Window or Split?

Comparison FactorsType of Air Conditioner
Which one is cost effective?Window AC
Which one is energy efficient?Split AC
Which one is less noisy?Split AC
Which one is easily transferable?Window AC
Which one has a higher cooling capacity?Split AC
Which one requires less space?Split AC
Which one is easy to maintain?Window AC
Which one is aesthetically pleasing?Split AC
Which one has all the smart features?Split AC
Which one is more convenient to us?Split AC
Which one has the inverter technology?Split AC


Final Verdict

That was our detailed guide and we have a clear winner, isn’t it? Hands down split ac it is. Yes, both have their set of limitations and advantages but if you consider all the above factors and compare the two, a split ac is a better option. Only budget constraints can set you back. So if you have no issues on that front, get your home a split AC today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Window AC vs Split AC

Higher the star rating of the AC, lower the energy consumption. Therefore a 5 star is a better option than a 3-star AC.


A 1 ton window AC consumes 1250 watts per hour and a 1.5 ton AC consumes 1745 watts per hour. This is an approximate consumption.


As per our analysis- Daikin, Voltas and LG are energy efficient brands.

Unfortunately, window ACs do not have the inverter technology. In 2021, LG is the only brand that has come up with inverter ac options.


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