Tradition vs Modern: Stainless Steel vs Glass Top Gas Stove Protection Status
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When you decide to buy the best gas stove for your home this will be the most debatable subject- glass top stove vs stainless steel stove.

My mother and I got into this discussion as well. Being from the old school thought, she preferred a stainless-steel gas stove over a glass top one. However, I was of the opinion that a glass top gas stove is a way better option than a stainless one. She had her reasons and I had mine. That’s when we decided to jot down all the plus and minus points of both. This helped us with a detailed comparison of the two and we finally came to a conclusion. Interested to know?

Let’s get started.

How do you select the Best Gas Stove for your Home?

Making this selection is intimidating. However, there are a few criterias on this basis of which it will be easy to decide.

  • Heat distribution
  • Look appeal
  • Ignition
  • Cleaning
  • Safety
  • Price

Glass Top Gas Stove: Detailed Review

A glass top gas stove is fabricated with toughened glass, which is robust as well as a safe option. This glass can withstand even high temperatures. They are available in 2, 3 and 4 burners. So you can make your selection as per your requirement.

A few tips to use glass top gas stove:

  • Do not use over sized utensils
  • Do not place the vessels on the glass surface
  • Wipe off the burner after every use
  • Do not enclose the burner
What are the pros of using it?
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It will enhance the look of your kitchen
  • The surface remains cool
  • Glass top ensures uniform distribution of heat
  • Fabricated with good quality glass
  • These gas stoves have the provision of auto and manual ignition
  • Accessible in a wide range
What are the cons of using it?
  • Compared to a stainless steel one, a glass top gas stove is less durable
  • Cleaning can be more time consuming
  • Expensive in buying as well as repairing
  • Installation process can get a little complicated

A few best glass top gas stoves: Sunflame Diamond gas stove (4 burner), Butterfly Smart gas stove (3 burner) and Prestige IRIS LPG gas stove (2 burner).

Stainless Steel Gas Stove: Detailed Review

Stainless steel gas stove is a traditional style one. It has a surface which is fabricated of stainless steel. This gas stove has been a first buy for every Indian household. You can find them also in 2, 3 and 4 burners. You may choose a 2 burner if you are a bachelor or maximum 2 people at home. For more than 3 members at home you can opt for a 3 or 4 burner gas stove.

A few tips to use stainless steel gas stove:

  • Make sure the knob is off if you are not using it
  • Don’t position plastic items near the gas stove
  • Use the appropriate size of vessel
  • Don’t leave a vessel on the burner if hot
What are the pros of using it?
  • Stainless steel gas stoves are resistant to corrosion
  • It is durable
  • It is reasonable in pricing
  • Distribution of heat is uniform
  • Installation process is very simple
  • It is more durable
  • Cleaning is absolutely hassle free
  • You can opt either for an auto or manual ignition
What are the cons of using it?
  • Can lose shine with time
  • Traditional design
  • Prone to scratches

A few best stainless steel gas stoves: Prestige gas stove (4 burner),  Elica gas stove (3 burner) and Sunflame smart gas stove (2 burner).

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Quick Difference between a Glass Top and Stainless-Steel Gas Stove

Here’s a quick comparison between a stainless steel and glass top gas stove to help you understand better. By the end of this you are sure to make a choice.

FactorsStainless Steel Gas StoveGlass Top Gas Stove
CleaningEasy to cleanRequires extra care
Look appealTraditionalModern
WeightCan withstand heavy utensilsAvoid placing heavy vessels
IgnitionManual and AutomaticManual and Automatic
Heat controlLess preciseMore precise
ScratchesLess proneMore prone
MaintenanceEasyLittle difficult

We are going to elaborate on the few main criteria.

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Look Appeal

Hands down a glass top gas stove wins over a stainless-steel gas stove. It is sleek, attractive looking and is sure to enhance the decor of your kitchen. A stainless-steel gas stove on the hand will not contribute to improving your kitchen decor at all.


Cleaning both these gas stoves is an easy process. Wiping off the stains from a glass top gas stove is very simple however we would recommend you not make use of hot water. Also do not scrub it too much as it could leave some scratches. Cleaning a stainless-steel gas stove is absolutely easy. You can use any temperature water and scrub it as hard as you want.

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Heat Distribution

For a uniform and high degree dispitation of heat, a glass top gas stove is a better option. A stainless-steel gas stove is not as efficient as the glass top one.


In this criteria, a stainless steel gas stove wins over a glass top one. It is way more reasonable.


When it comes to safety, a glass top gas stove wins over a stainless steel one. Reason? The sealed element cools down within a few seconds after turning off. This increases the level of safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, a cracked glass top gas stove is dangerous to use. There are chances of an electric shock. In order to stay safe, replace the glass immediately.

There are many ways of doing so. The most basic one being liquid soap, Apart from that you can make use of white vinegar. Baking soda can also do the magic.

If you are looking for a 2-burner gas stove we would recommend the one from Sunflame, for a 3 burner we would recommend the one from Elica and for a 4 burner we would recommend the one from Prestige.


Concluding Thoughts?

Was this much information sufficient enough for you to make a decision? Well let me tell you we surely did make a choice with all these comparisons. Any guesses?

We decided on buying a glass top gas stove instead of a stainless steel one. Yes, we had to shell out a little more money and take some more care to maintain it. But what gains without pains right? Trust me, it was totally worth it.

Have you made a choice yet?


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