Tips to Use Your Hot Water Geyser Correctly & Reduce Electricity Bill Protection Status
Congratulations- so you’ve finally decided to learn “How to use a geyser” to reduce your electricity bill, right?

Well, obviously that’s the reason, you’re here!! Whether you want hot water for bathing, washing dishes, or other purposes, choosing the best water heater in India may lends us a helping hand and it does the job efficiently!

Since the geyser working process requires a lot of energy, it consumes significant electricity and consequently, you’re likely to get higher monthly electricity bills. But if you want to lower it down, it’s incredibly important for you to use water geysers in the right way.

So, without wasting time, let’s discuss simple tips that may let you lower down the geyser electricity consumption.

1. Prioritize the Thermostat Setting of Your Geyser

Water heaters or geysers are equipped with a thermostat that helps to keep the water temperature at your preferred level. And for those who don’t know, it cuts out the power supply once you get the desired level of temperature.

Remember that every product comes with a default thermostat setting of 60-degree or high and has a temperature range of 40-75 degree Celsius. So if you have a geyser with an outside thermostat setting, change it from 60-degree to 40-45 degrees. This simply means that once the water inside the geyser will be heated and reaches 60-degree temperature, then the water becomes extremely hot and needs to be mixed with cold water before you use.

To prevent excess heating and power consumption, you cannot ignore your geyser thermostat setting and ensure it should be at the right level. This would help you save electricity and eventually, your hard-earned money.

2. Always Avoid Putting Your Geyser “On” for Long

It’s often observed that most people often keep their water geyser on all day.

And that’s their biggest mistake!

This is the first thing a person must understand if they want to know how to use a geyser effectively!

When you keep your geyser on for all day long, it will lead to excessive power consumption and ultimately, you may need to pay unnecessary bills that might break your bank.

Did you know?

Once the level of water temperature reaches the desired level the power supply gets cut off owing to the thermostat. Yes, you heard it right!

And when the temperature of the water is down by certain degrees, the thermostat switches on the power supply, and water then starts heating again. One of the best ways to minimize your geyser power consumption is to use it only when you need it.

3. Consider the Right Sized Geyser:

If you want to reduce your electricity bills, make sure you always choose the geyser as per your needs and budget.

Keep this in mind that when you go for a big geyser, it would do nothing but over-heat your water that most people don’t need. Instead, make sure you choose the right size of the geyser that may perfectly cater to your consumption needs and budget.

This simply ensures that electricity is not wasted and you’re likely to save significant profit.

4. Choose Star Rated Heaters

No matter what your aim is, always choose geysers that come with 5-Star ratings as they relatively consumer lesser electricity than those that are 3 or 4-star rating.

And that’s the reason; you should always install 5-star rating geysers that may ensure your monthly electricity bills will be significantly reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most water heaters generally take about 45 minutes to get fully hot. If you have just had a new unit installed or if your geyser has been turned off, then it may take nearly more than half an hour to heat the water.

But even after 1 hour if there is still no hot water then you must check your product. Remember that gas water heaters recover quicker than electric water heaters, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll wait for more than 1 hour to get hot water.

If the geyser is left on for 24 hours so it might get overheated or may burst which can cause an accident. But if the geyser has an auto switch option then such accidents can be avoided.

Here are the ways that may help reduce your geyser power consumption.

  • Always keep your geyser thermostat setting down to 60°C to save significant electricity.
  • Always use cold water to wash your hands or brush your teeth, and take short showers instead of hours of the bath.
  • Don’t forget to use a water-saving showerhead that can substantially reduce your hot water usage by up to 25%.

Well, it couldn’t be wrong to say that it uses electricity to work properly.

According to a report;

  • Average energy used per day: 9.24kWh
  • Amount of energy consumed in between 3-4 days: 36.97kWh.

So now you can calculate the amount of electricity that a geyser uses.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s a wrap to how to use a geyser correctly to save your electricity bill. Geysers are an important part of our lives, be it bathing, washing dishes or clothes, they help us a lot! But if you want your water geysers don’t break your bank, ensure you always adhere to the above-mentioned points that may help you reduce the excessive electric bills in the winter. Let us know your geyser-related questions in the comments section below!!


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