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So, you’ve finally decided to step up your grooming game, aren’t you? Well, that’s the reason; you have been looking out for options and finally reached here to choose between: a shaver vs. trimmer.

Since grooming has gained significant traction among men and women, everybody just started shaving or adopting trimmers to a range of things- hair cutting, beard maintenance, making different beard styles, clean-shaven, and whatnot! But it’s not as easy as you think!

You must be aware of the fact that what look you actually want! Though many people confess the fact that they know about each body groomer use, the real thing they don’t know everything. And this is where this post has come to the rescue!

Here, we’ll discuss the real difference between trimmer and shaver and their types, uses, pros and cons, and a lot more!

So, stay tuned!

Types of Trimmers

Before heading to the real definition of a trimmer, let’s discuss its types!

1. Hair Trimmers

Well, we all know what they do!

No matter whether you want to trim your hair or beard, most people generally use these types of trimmers to get the job done. Many people use this type of trimmer which they can use easily. So, hair trimmers are the best options . it gives your beard a good look. Use this trimmer for a fine finish. Simply there’s a difference between your hair and your beard.

2. Beard Trimmers

As the name suggests, these kinds of trimmers are usually designed to help trim down your beard. And the best part is that these devices come with additional attachments, allowing you to make different styles of beards.

3. Ear and Nose Trimmers

Well, you certainly get it!

These types of trimmers help to remove hair from your nose and ears gently. The reason you must choose this trimmer is that the skin of your ears and nose is sensitive and you cannot take a risk to use any third-party trimmer.

4. Bikini Trimmers

Now, you don’t need to wax to remove your bikini hair! These kinds of trimmers are specifically designed for women so they can be used in sensitive areas. So, these are the types of trimmers you can use as per your convenience!

Which is the Best to Buy Trimmer or Shaver?

Well, this depends on the choice of an individual.

Let’s break it down!

If you want to maintain a specific look, you must need a trimmer to add style to your beard or hair. Also, if you are an individual who doesn’t want to get rid of your hair entirely, look no further than a trimmer. On the other hand, if you want a clean-shaven look while keeping your skin smooth, make sure you choose a shaver. If you are a professional, then you cannot avoid the importance of a shaver.

It’s the best way to get rid of your hair while keeping your skin fresh.

Quick Difference between Trimmer Vs Shaver

Let’s take a look at the difference between a trimmer and shaver.

VersatilityYou may easily shape your bread or hair in a multitude of thingsYou cannot trim long hair.
Close ShaveYou won’t get a close shaveYou may easily get a close shave.
Recharging Batteries It can easily be rechargeable and cordedIt comes with rechargeable batteries
Blade TypesIt comes with sharpening bladesIt may let you have a smooth and close shave.
Style StatementIt is infused with additional comb attachmentsYou won’t find any special attachments.

What is Trimmer?

Trimmer, as we all know, is an electric device that helps us to minimize hair from the head and let us make different styles. These kinds of devices generally come with stylish attachments that you can use to adjust your beard or hair as per your choice.

One of the best things about these devices is that they come with a small width of cutting, ultimately making them the right tool to trim your hair with ease.

Also, you can use a trimmer for a number of things like beard, hair, body hair, and many more.

Trimmer Pros & Cons

  • Versatile: Since the device comes with a range of attachments, you may easily alter the length of your hair according to your choice.
  • Convenient: unlike a razor, you don’t need to apply shaving cream on your skin.
  • That’s the reason; convenience is its biggest pros!
  • Simply use a trimmer and trim down your hair without any hassle!
  • The highlight of using these devices is that you can use them even on your eyebrows, as well.
  • Portable: Trimmer is highly portable because it does not occupy much space and also does not require shaving cream and other shaving equipment to be carried along with it
  • No matter what quality or brand of trimmer you pick, you cannot get a proper clean-shaven look.
  • You cannot use it on a wet beard.

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What is Shaver?

Similar to a razor, an electric Shaver is a device that may let you shave off your beard or hair elements as per your preference.

Shaver Pros & Cons

Let’s talk about the pros of using a shaver!


Quite Comfortable

If you are the kind of an individual who is prone to cuts while saving, you must use a shaver to avoid any kind of itch and cuts.


If you think that an electric shaver might break your bank, then you are probably wrong! Instead, these devices don’t require hefty maintenance!


You don’t need a special kind of preparation to use a shaver. Simply use the device on your beard area and get a clean-shaven look in just a few minutes!


Let’s talk about its cons:

Could be Difficult to use for a newbie  

If you are using it for the very first time, you might find difficulty in using it. And there are significant chances that you might feel uncomfortable if you are using it for the first time.

You won’t get clean experience

No matter what brand you pick for your shaver, you cannot get a clean-shaven look. And that’s the main reason, most people are likely to prefer a razor to get a clean-shaven look.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No! But make sure you use it quite gently. If you use it aggressively, there are chances that you might get minor cuts.

It, however, boils down to the preference, you may choose from a range of brands such as Havells, Panasonic, Philips, Nova, Remington, Braun, and whatnot.

Well, not exactly! Using a trimmer may trim down your beard hair but there are certain chances that you won’t get a clean shave.

Here are the following tips you can use a trimmer for shaving.

1. Dry Before You Use a Trimmer

Once you are done choosing a trimmer, make sure you damp your beard hair and pat it dry. If you do so, the device is likely to work well; ultimately let you reach your style goal with ease.

2. The First Cut While Trimming

This is another thing that you must consider! As per your beard choice, you must choose the right attachment and attach it to your device. It’s, however, recommended to trim large sections of your hair and then move to the smaller sections.

3. Keep it Simple

Make sure you use your trimmer in such a direction that it can work in small sections around the head, so you can get the style you want.

4. Always Use an After Shave

Once you are done using your trimmer, you must use an after-shave lotion. When you do so, it will kill the bacteria on your skin and keep it clean and safe.


Final Words

So, that’s a wrap up to the difference between trimmer and shaver!! It couldn’t be wrong to say that both do a great job at removing your hairs. It all boils down to your choice, whether you want a specific style or want a completely clean-shaven look. And if you know your preference (as discussed above), you know what to choose!

And no matter what you choose for your facial hair, you consider using an after-shave lotion to prevent cuts and burns or any skin allergies. Have you got any questions related to the debate: trimmer vs. shaver?  If so, please mention your comments below!


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